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15th day of heroic resistance of Ukraine against Russian military invasion



📌According to the United States Department of Defense estimates, at 00:00 on 10 March, Russia has fired more than 710 missiles on the territory of Ukraine since the beginning of the war. More about the situation in the regions:

📌As of 10 March, it is known that after the terrorist bombing by Russian planes of the children’s hospital and maternity hospital in Mariupol, 17 people were injured, including women, children, doctors, 3 more people, including one child, died.

📌Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov confirmed that Russia intentionally bombed the maternity hospital in Mariupol and once again lied to justify Russia’s atrocities.

«A few days ago, at a meeting of the UN Security Council, the Russian delegation presented the facts that this maternity hospital had long been captured by the Azov battalion and other radicals, all mothers, all nurses and all personnel had been previously expelled . It was the base of the ultra-radical Azov battalion,» lied the occupierHe admitted that he had seen reports from Mariupol, which showed the exact opposite, as cameras showed that the mothers were there and they were injured, but considered them manipulation, because media reports «did not pay attention to the other side.» 

The Russian Foreign Ministry does not plan to pay attention to the world’s outrage over the cynicism of the bombing. «This is not the first time we have seen pathetic cries about so-called atrocities committed by the Russian armed forces,» said Lavrov.

📌While Mariupol is under siege for the 15th day and in a situation of a humanitarian crisis, the Russian armed forces continue shelling the city and terrorizing the population. There are new casualties.

📌According to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, since the beginning of Russian aggression on the territory of Ukraine, 5 doctors have been killed by bullets from Russian military personnel, 63 hospitals have been destroyed or damaged. At the same time, 19 foreign doctors are already helping doctors in Ukraine, and more than 1,000 have registered as volunteers.

📌 Russian invaders killed an employee of one of the USAID partner organizations, Ukrainian Valeria Maksetskaya, as well as her mother and driver, when they tried to leave Kyiv. This was announced by USAID Administrator Samantha Power. She also clarified that the car was shot at point-blank range from a Russian tank while she was giving way to him.


📌 During the 15 days of the war between Russia and Ukraine, the invaders killed 71 children. More than 100 children were injured.

📌On the evening of March 10, the aircraft of the Russian armed forces bombed Chernihiv with OFZAB-500 air bombs, which are prohibited by international law. Also, the invaders fired from the Hurricanes on the settlement of Nizhyn in the Chernihiv region.

📌According to the IAEA Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi, the IAEA has lost access to the monitoring systems of the Zaporozhye NPP.

📌Russian invaders, who seized the Zaporizhzhya NPP, mined the coast of the Kakhovka reservoir, which borders on the nuclear power plant.

📌 Energoatom confirmed that the statements of the Russian Federation that the Chernobyl nuclear power plant receives electricity from Belarus is false.

📌On the border between the Mykolaiv and Kherson regions, there are Russian troops who cannot retreat under pain of being shot. Head of the Nikolaev Regional State Administration Vitaly Kim reported to the soldiers about such threats from the Russian command.

📌 As a result of the military invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine, as of March 10, infrastructure, buildings were destroyed and material assets worth at least $100 billion were damaged. The war has brought more than 50% of Ukrainian enterprises to a halt, and the other half are working at the limit of their capabilities.


📌Estimated losses of the Russian Federation Army in Ukraine:

📌 The Armed Forces of Ukraine expelled the Russian invaders from the settlement of Dergachi, Kharkiv region, and completely took control of the territory.

📌According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Russian armed forces have slowed down the pace of the offensive, and the personnel of the army are especially demoralized. The number of cases of desertion and looting among Russian soldiers and crimes associated with them has greatly increased.

📌The Defense Forces of Ukraine continue to restrain the offensive of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in all strategic directions – in Donetsk, Lugansk, Sumy, Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Zaporozhye regions. The all-round defense of Mariupol, Okhtyrka, Chernigov continues.

📌Units of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine heroically repel missile and bomb strikes and destroy the means of air attack of the Russian Federation, covering especially important critical infrastructure facilities of Ukraine and military units. Over the past 2 days, units of the anti-aircraft missile forces have destroyed four Su-25 attack aircraft and two enemy helicopters.

 📌In the Chernigov direction, the Iskander-M division of the Russian aggressors troops was destroyed, which previously shoot at civilians.

📌Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov supported the growing trend on social networks to start videos with the words “Good evening, we are from Ukraine” and said that Ukraine would be sympathetic to the surrender of Russia.


📌 Since the beginning of the war with Russia, more than 215 thousand Ukrainian citizens have returned to Ukraine, 85% of whom are men. The vast majority return to join the Armed Forces of Ukraine and territorial defense units. 

📌92% of Ukrainians believe that Ukraine will be able to repel the current attack of the Russian Federation. Source (in Ukraine):

📌Ukrainian film companies and film distributors Dovzhenko Center, and Arthouse Traffic organized film screenings for those who continue to hide from airstrikes in the Kiev metro. Recall that now about 15 thousand people continue to hide from possible bombardments at metro stations. 

📌Even in a state of unprecedented humanitarian crisis and terror from the Russian invaders, Mariupol continues to live – 24 children were born in the city over the past day.


Picture of the day

A girl is trying to save disabled dogs from a shelter near Irpin to a safe place. Photo by Christopher Occhicone



📌 One of the world’s largest money transfer systems – Western Union withdraws in Russia and Belarus.

📌120 million hryvnias equivalent to 3.717.120,84 Euro were collected for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the help of the Diya state application.


📌More than 80 thousand people were evacuated through the “green corridors” over the past 2 days from hot spots.

📌 More than 60 thousand people were taken from Sumy, Trostyanets and Krasnopolye in the direction of Poltava.

📌 3,000 people were evacuated from Izyum to Lozovaya. Also, more than 100 tons of necessary humanitarian aid – medicines and food – were delivered to Izyum.

 📌 More than 20 thousand people were evacuated to Kiev from the Kiev region, in particular from Irpin, Bucha, Gostomel and Vorzel. The evacuation continues. 

📌 A special operation was successfully carried out to evacuate 52 children from the orphanage in Vorzel and 55 women in labor from the maternity hospital in Vorzel.

 📌 Over 100 tons of Red Cross humanitarian aid arrived in Energodar.

📌 Once again, the humanitarian corridor from Volnovakha was disrupted.

📌Mariupol continues to be in a state of a huge humanitarian catastrophe – Russian invaders keep the city in a blockade and do not let humanitarian cargo through.


President Vladimir Zelensky’s daily statements 

📌Russian bombs fell on a children’s hospital and a maternity hospital in the city of Mariupol, which is also under occupation for the 15th day. “What kind of country is this Russian Federation, which is afraid of children’s hospitals and maternity hospitals and destroys them.”

📌Everything that the invaders do in Mariupol is beyond the border of atrocity. Hospitals, schools, churches, ordinary houses were destroyed. The bomb dropped on the maternity hospital is the final proof that a genocide of Ukrainians is taking place.

 📌International partners are fully informed about the situation in Mariupol and other cities where hostilities are taking place. We are doing everything to make Russia feel the consequences of its actions.

📌Together, we must restore some of the leaders of the West to their courage. So that they finally do what they should have done on the first day of the invasion – close the skies over Ukraine or give us combat aircraft.

📌The Europeans must increase sanctions against the Russians and put pressure on them so that they sit down at the negotiating table and end this brutal war.

📌The President signed a law on the forced seizure in Ukraine of objects of property rights of the Russian Federation and its residents.



Hero of the day

23-year-old lieutenant Yevgeny Palchenko single-handedly covered the exit of his brigade from the encirclement in the Vinnitsa region. By the Decree of the President of Ukraine, he was awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine for personal courage and heroism.


📌The StaliniZation of Russia – this is the title article and the fresh cover of The Economist. The publication writes that Vladimir Putin is turning into the Stalin of the 21st century. Not getting victories in Ukraine, he resorts to especially dangerous lies, violence and paranoia.

📌The Japanese company Sony suspends deliveries of its game consoles and peripherals to Russia, and also stops the Playstation Store online store.

📌Apple/Google/Samsung Pay in Russia are officially closed.

📌 Warner Media (HBO and Warner Bros) suspends broadcasting, licensing of new content and release of games in Russia.

📌The American alcohol company Brown-Forman (brands Jack Daniel’s, Finlandia) suspends its commercial activities in Russia in connection with the Russian attack on Ukraine. In addition, Brown-Forman noted that she is making a donation to UNICEF and the International Medical Corps, organizations that help Ukrainians and refugees.

📌BlaBlaCar will suspend investments and financing of its subsidiary in Russia.

📌Japanese companies Panasonic (electronics manufacturer), Tadano Ltd (truck crane manufacturer), Yamaha Motor (motorcycle manufacturer), Komatsu Ltd (construction equipment manufacturer), Hitachi Construction Machinery Co (hydraulic excavator manufacturer) suspend product deliveries and production in Russia, reports The Japan News.

📌Sony Music Group has suspended its operations in Russia and has closed its offices in the country.

📌Chelsea Football Club will not be able to sell match tickets and team merch. The reason is the new sanctions imposed on the owner Roman Abramovich. 

📌Famous F1 driver Nico Rosberg and seven-time World Champion, Mercedes pilot Lewis Hamilton supported the Ukrainians. The F1 McLaren team donated funds to help Ukrainian children. In addition, F1 announced the cancellation of the Russian Grand Prix.

📌The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited the Ukrainian Cultural Center in London, where volunteers collect and sort humanitarian aid for Ukrainians affected by the Russian invasion. Ukraine is supported by the whole of Great Britain – from ordinary citizens to members of the Royal Family.

📌 A Welsh farmer traveled all over Europe to donate his Land Rover Discovery full of medicines to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

📌Arnold Schwarzenegger has increased the prize money at the 2022 Arnold Strongman Classic for a Ukrainian athlete Oleksii Novikov and event runner-up who intends to rejoin his country’s defense efforts against the Russian military.

📌Tonight at the 37th International Film Festival in Santa Barbara, USA, Benedict Cumberbatch was awarded for his great contribution to cinema by the SBIFF. During the ceremony, Benedict Cumberbatch was holding the Ukrainian flag, presented to him by a fan. 

📌 In Vilnius, the street where the Russian Embassy is located was officially renamed the Street of Ukrainian Heroes.

📌The list of countries that have demonstrated their support for Ukraine and showed solidarity with the Ukrainian people in the fight against the aggressor is expanding.

⚠️List of international companies that have decided to stay in the Russian Federation despite the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


📌UN Director-General António Guterres condemned the attack on a hospital in Mariupol and called for an end to the bloodshed.

📌The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund will provide Ukraine with $1.4 billion in emergency financial assistance. 

📌UK suggests that Russia may fabricate a pretext for the use of chemical weapons against Ukraine. The British came to such conclusions taking into account the constant propaganda messages about the construction of mythical biolaboratories and that “Ukrainian nationalists brought in 80 tons of ammonia.”

📌 Former Marine and son of Conservative MP Helen Grant Ben Grant came to Ukraine with a group of colleagues to fight against Russia in the Ukrainian Foreign Legion.

📌The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) announced the first financing package to support Ukraine’s resilience in the amount of 2 billion euros.

📌The Seimas of Lithuania unanimously supported a resolution calling on the EU to immediately grant Ukraine candidate status for accession and open membership negotiations.

📌 Estonia, Norway, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania and Japan have suspended the issuance of visas to citizens of the Russian Federation. In the Czech Republic, issuing a residence permit to Russians will discontinue.

📌 Malta, Greece and Portugal have suspended the issuance of “golden passports” to Russians. Malta also extended this decision to the citizens of Belarus.

📌 The EU cancels “privileged entry for Russian diplomats and entrepreneurs.”

📌 New Zealand banned the issuance of visas and transit through the country to Russian officials and some other citizens of the Russian Federation.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba’s daily statements 

📌 Trilateral talks were held in Turkey with the participation of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Russia and Turkey. Ukraine has proposed a humanitarian corridor from

and to Mariupol and a truce regime for at least 24 hours to solve the humanitarian problems of the civilian population engulfed in the war.

📌According to the results of the negotiations, there is no progress with an armistice. “Ukraine cannot stop the war if the country that carried out the attack has no desire to do so.” The willingness to cease fire on the part of the Russian Federation is connected exclusively with the demands that Putin put forward earlier. 

📌Ukraine did not give up and does not give up and will not give up. “We are looking for diplomatic solutions, but until there are none, we will selflessly defend our land and our people from Russian aggression.”

📌📌Dmytro Kuleba stated for the Financial Times: The European Union should grant membership to Ukraine right now.

Tomorrow, March 11, there will be a crucial moment for the future of Ukraine and the future of the whole of Europe. The heads of state will discuss Ukraine’s request for accelerated accession to the European Union.

✅Our membership would significantly strengthen the EU. Today, Ukraine is a powerful force for good, a brave and intelligent nation that will make a major contribution to the political, economic, cultural and social strength of the EU after this war. It will be a matter of prestige and power for the EU to have a country like Ukraine among them.

✅Today Ukrainians not only defend their land, but also defend their values. We defend the vision of a united, free and peaceful Europe. We reject the vision of Europe as a battlefield divided into spheres of influence as in the Cold War.

✅This is clearly not a classic process of joining the EU, which usually takes years and focuses on technical and economic details. But the decision to make Ukraine a member of the EU right now can be a decisive victory for Europe and all its countries, all its leaders. Having made such a decision, Europeans will be proud of it forever – proud of being on the right side of history and making a morally right choice. 

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Historical background on how Russia terrorized Ukraine throughout Soviet history: