The Institute of Global Transformation

is a non-profit organization based in Brussels. We are interested in discovering and exploring new possibilities for capacity and partnership building along an East – West European axis. We strive to reach our highest potential and, in turn, create social change in the way the European Union operates socially, environmentally, and economically. In doing so, we are creating a tipping point toward a global transformation that will create more purposeful, inclusive, cooperative, and peaceful societies.  Our main objective is to discuss with a broad horizon of actors the political, economic, social and environmental issues that permeate European life.


The association, which is exempt from any profit purpose, has as its main object the promotion, economic, social and sustainable development of European countries, with a particular focus on eastern European societies and their convergence with the western ones. Without limitation, this object can further be described as follows:

  1. the promotion and development of innovative programs to support and improve gender equality in all areas of social, business, political and daily life.
  2. The promotion and development of smart agricultural techniques of the fourth industrial revolution, biodiversity, efficient organic and small scale farming; the improvement of plant protection and fertilization practices, the conservation of traditional species and varieties ; the development of gene banks.
  3. The restauration of the cultural heritage of eastern European countries in cooperation with private collectors and museums in order to allow the eastern European youth to get better acquainted with their history and cultural heritage.
  4. The development of programs with the aim to better protect journalists from political harassment and to give them access to advertisers, sponsors and other support so that they can exercise their activity in a fully independent manner.
  5. To explore programs aiming at reconnecting and possibly reintegrating the eastern European diaspora to their origins with the aim to have them share their knowledge and experience with their country of origin and possibly relocate to it.
  6. To promote and organize models of cooperation, knowledge sharing, skills development and creation of systems to enable business partnerships between young eastern European professionals and western enterprises.
  7. To promote and explore educational and training opportunities to improve the skills of young eastern European professionals who are disconnected from their academic background due to underqualified job experiences.
  8. To promote contemporary practices of health protection, preventive policies, e-health, and holistic approaches with particular emphasis on the needs and nature of eastern European societies.
  9. To promote the protection of online privacy and convergence of the applicable technology and EU regulatory standards.
  10. To develop programs of integration of immigrants, access to education, health and work opportunities, and address the root causes of emigration from eastern Europe with a view to reverse that trend.
  11. To support creation, development and organization of diverse information contant, publications, events, networking, debating, and negotiations events in order to bring business, politics and society together on the most notorious issues.

In order to achieve its non-profit purpose, the association will exercise the following activities as well in Belgium as abroad , for its own account or for the account of its members :

  • Preparing detailed studies and launching of activist campaigns in relation to the gender inequality in all areas of society.
  • Develop innovative partnerships with experts in the field of rural development and agricultural innovation.
  • Conduct research to identify work of arts originating from eastern European countries and moved to the west ; preparing state-of-the-art web designs reproducing these work of arts in thematic order.
  • The creation of media platforms
  • The set-up of professional, social, cultural and other networks
  • Organize programs to establish business connections between eastern and western European countries
  • Explore the opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ program and propose programs focusing on young graduates from eastern European countries eager to develop their skills.

In general, the association dispose of the full legal capacity to accomplish all acts and operations having a direct or indirect relationship with its object clause or which could , directly or indirectly, in part or in total, facilitate the realization of this object clause.

The association may cooperate by way of a partnership, a contribution, a merger, a financial intervention or otherwise, with all associations or enterprises having an identical, similar or related object or susceptible to favor the activities and objectives described above.



  • Our Mission 

Our mission is to support transformations in creating better projects, activities and events to bring about positive change in the world, collectively and individually.

  • Our Vision 

Our vision is a world working together to apply the EU resources, private and community contributions to power and to benefit humanity and the planet.

  • Our Values

Our team

Dmytro Tsarenko
Viktor Berezenko

Where do we already work:

United States of America Germany Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Georgia Ukraine England Belgium UAE Armenia Moldova Sweden Poland Spain Portugal Australia