Press digest – Ukraine

16th day of heroic resistance of Ukraine against Russian military invasion



📌In the early morning of 11 March, the first explosions since the beginning of the war took place in Lutsk, Dnipro and Ivano-Frankivsk. Civil infrastructure facilities were attacked – in the Dnieper, bombs fell near an apartment building and a kindergarten and destroyed the shoe factory building, killing one person. In Lutsk as a result of explosion 2 people deceased, 6 more wounded.

📌Also on the night of 10-11 March, air strikes were carried out on Chernihiv. The water supply system was partially damaged, part of the city was temporarily left without water.

📌A powerful rocket strike with the Iskander missile was inflicted on the settlement of Baryshevka, Kyiv region. As a result, 4 apartment buildings were damaged and 1 was completely destroyed, as well as 10 private houses. According to preliminary data, there were no casualties.

📌1582 civilians died in Mariupol during 12 days of shelling and blockade of the city by Russian troops. In addition, yesterday the bombing of the city by the occupiers lasted 16 hours.

📌Since the beginning of Russia’s armed aggression, about 250,000 people have been forced to evacuate from danger zones in Ukraine.

 📌In total, since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, 328 ground-based and naval-based tactical missiles have landed in Ukrainian peaceful cities and towns. Among them are “Iskander”, “Caliber”, point U, X-class missiles.

 У, ракет класса Х.

📌The UN has confirmed that Russia is dropping banned cluster bombs on Ukraine, in particular, Ugledar and Kharkiv have suffered from such bombs. The use of cluster munitions in human settlements is incompatible with the rules of international humanitarian law governing the conduct of hostilities.

📌Russian military firing at Nikolaev during all day on 11 March.

📌The Russian invaders plan to involve unrecognized Transnistria in the war in Ukraine and use it to attack Voznesensk on Odessa.

📌Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko said that a group of Russian occupiers kidnapped the mayor of Melitopol Ivan Fedorov, who refused to hand over the previously captured city to Russian troops. At the time of the abduction, he was dealing with the livelihood of the Ukrainian city.

📌Russian occupiers in January 2022 knew about the future of participation in hostilities in Ukraine. This was admitted at a briefing by a captured Russian lieutenant colonel, deputy commander of the 47th Aviation Regiment of the Russian Federation Maxim Krishtop. Putin’s military order to strike on the territory of Ukraine came to the unit on February 23.

In addition, the following concepts were presented at the briefing:

🖇 “I saw that the goal was houses. But he still carried out the order. After that he was shot down “

🖇 “I think we have already lost this war”

🖇 “We were told back in January 2022 that we would bomb Ukraine”

🖇 “We were told that Ukraine has a weak air defense, everything is broken and does not work. They said we could fly and not be afraid of anything. “

🖇 “My leadership sent me as bait to certain death. Why we are sent as meat – it is unclear “

🖇 “I am have even spoken in Russian, I am not beaten. As we are told – anti-Russia, fascism – I have not seen anything like that here “

🖇 “Free-falling high-explosive bombs are used in Kharkiv. Damage radius – 60 meters “


📌Russia initiated a meeting of the UN Security Council on 11 March to discuss “US military-biological activities in Ukraine.”

📌The nuclear critical installation “Neutron Source”, which is based in the Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology in Pyatihatki, is completely de-energized due to shelling by Russian artillery.

📌The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has denied the information of the Belarusian Ministry of Energy about the alleged connection of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant to the power grid of Belarus.

⚠️According to the available information of the Security Service of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin ordered the preparation of a terrorist attack at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. It is planned to create a man-made catastrophe on the territory controlled by the Russian troops,

for which the occupiers will try to shift the responsibility to Ukraine. The invaders refuse to provide access to the station to Ukrainian repairmen. Instead, “Belarusian specialists” went there on the orders of President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. Among them are also Russian saboteurs to organize a terrorist attack.

⚠️Russian occupiers use the Zaporozhye NPP as a military base. This was reported by the National Atomic Energy Generating Company Energoatom.

📌In the Rostov region of the Russian Federation “mobilize” prisoners with a proposal to join the occupation forces in exchange for amnesty.

📌At the request of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation, Roskomnadzor the social network Instagram banned in Russia as “extremist”. The ban will take come into effect from 00:00 on 14 March 14.

📌A drone crashed in the Croatian capital last night. According to the preliminary version, it was a Soviet drone, Tu-141 “Strizh”. The drone just mixed up the coordinates. It fell that night near the island of Jarun in Zagreb, Croatia. And it was supposed to go to Yarun, Novograd-Volyn district of Zhytomyr region, Ukraine. Russian soldiers made a terrible mistake by entering Jarun instead of Yarun and flew it to Croatia.

📌Russian propaganda media began to spread photos of the allegedly shot down over the Crimea Ukrainian drone TU-141. Tu-141 “Swift” – a Soviet drone, which is designed for reconnaissance. It can penetrate the enemy’s rear and detect air defense systems. Both the Russian and Ukrainian armed forces have such drones, but with one difference – there are red stars on the Russian Swifts, they are painted on the Ukrainian ones and the Ukrainian coat of arms is painted instead.




📌Putin has stated his readiness to hold direct talks with Zelensky, the Turkish Foreign Minister said.

📌Estimated losses of the Russian Federation Army in Ukraine:

📌The Russian army suffered significant losses of personnel, reduces the pace of the offensive and forms reserves in the territory of the Russian Federation. In some settlements, Russian troops are raiding and executing civilians.

📌Russian infantry is unsuccessfully trying to break through the defenses along the settlements of Polesskoye, Kukhari, Zhovtnevoye, Andreevka, Kopilov, Mitizhin, Buzova, Gorenichi, Bucha, Demidov and block Kyiv.

📌In the Black Sea and Azov operational zones, due to weather conditions, Russian ships were forced to return to naval bases.

📌The Joint Forces of the APU in the Chernihiv region liberated 5 previously captured settlements.

📌Ukrainian defenders liquidated near Kharkov Deputy Chief of Staff of the Invaders, Chief of Intelligence Regiment Major Guards Andrei Burlakov. He organized artillery reconnaissance and adjusted the fire of the Russian side.

📌Ukrainian Energoatom completely refuses to buy Russian nuclear fuel.

📌Ukraine initiates the announcement of Russian propagandist Margarita Simonyan on the international wanted list. Simonyan is the editor-in-chief of the propaganda news agency, the head of Russia Today and the head of the Russia Today TV channel.

📌A temporary digital document for the wartime period was launched for Ukrainians by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine – eDocument. Even in the conditions of Russia’s inhuman war against Ukraine, the state takes care of its citizens.



📌Youtube starts immediately blocking Russian state media channels around the world.



📌Mariupol remains in a humanitarian blockade for 12 days. Today, the evacuation failed again due to shelling by the Russian side.

📌We managed to evacuate more than 1,000 people from Vorzel, Kazarovichi, Bucha and Gostomel.

📌In other directions – Izyum-Lozovaya, Andreevka / Mikulichi / Makarov / Borodyanka-Zhytomyr, Volnovakha-Pokrovsk) – there were no “green corridors” because Russian troops did not adhere to the ceasefire and did not allow buses at checkpoints.

📌Tomorrow, 12 March, another attempt will be made to organize corridors and new routes.

President Vladimir Zelensky’s daily statements 

📌Vladimir Zelensky held a substantive conversation with US President Joe Biden. The United States has already announced a ban on imports of alcohol, diamonds and seafood from Russia. The US leader also confirmed the provision of new humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

📌Joe Biden said that Russia “will pay a serious price” if it uses chemical weapons in Ukraine.

📌The United States, the European Union and the G7 countries are abolishing the regime of priority assistance in trade with Russia.

📌G7 will block Russian loans from international banks, including the World Bank and the IMF.

📌Adviser to the President’s Office Mikhail Podoliak said that the recruitment of ISIS and Russian propaganda statements about chemical weapons indicate the intention to implement the Syrian scenario in Ukraine. Earlier, Russian officials, in particular Sergei Shoigu, announced the urgent recruitment of 16 thousand. ex-ISIS fighters for aggression against civilians of Ukraine.

📌President Vladimir Zelensky addressed the Polish Sejm:

“I feel that we have already formed an extremely strong alliance with Poland. Even if it is unofficial. But our alliance grew out of reality, not out of words on paper. If, God willing, we win this war, we will share the victory with our brothers and sisters. It is our glory. And it is your glory.”



📌British singer Tom Odell supported the Ukrainian trend in TikTok. “I am very proud that so many Ukrainians use my song to create heroic videos. Long live Ukraine. Long live Ukraine. I will come soon and we will sing together, “the singer wrote.

📌The mayor of the Lithuanian capital Remigijus Šimašus shared on Twitter a road sign indicating the distance from Vilnius to Kiev and Minsk. “Belarusian neighbors, wake up, please,” he wrote under the photo.

📌27 cities of Poland unilaterally terminated bilateral cooperation agreements with 29 cities of the Russian Federation and 4 cities of Belarus.

📌Russian and Belarusian athletes and officials suspended from competitions under the auspices of the World Karate Federation WKF.

📌The Riga Duma has decided to rename the part of the street leading to the Embassy of the Russian Federation into Independence Street of Ukraine.

📌Turkish airline Pegasus Airlines has canceled its flights to / from Russia due to EU sanctions.

📌Kazakh airline Air Astana has canceled all flights to Russia and over its territory due to the termination of flight insurance.

📌The largest US bank JPMorgan is closing down in Russia and closing all current liabilities in the country.

📌Cloud service Google Cloud has stopped registering new users in Russia.


Tweet of the day

📌The United States is considering sending other weapons to Ukraine, including more powerful anti-aircraft defense systems than anti-aircraft missile systems, the defense ministry said in a briefing.

📌The social networks Twitter and Facebook removed from their platforms the post of the Russian Embassy that the maternity hospital in Mariupol, which was bombed by Russia, allegedly did not function and was used as a military base.

📌The US Senate has approved a $ 13.6 billion emergency military and humanitarian aid package to Ukraine.

📌The United States has banned the import of dollars into Russia.

📌The Cabinet of Ministers of the Council of Europe has decided to hold consultations with the PACE on new measures to be taken against Russia in response to serious violations of its statutory obligations.

📌The International Monetary Fund predicts a “deep recession” in the Russian economy due to the war that Russia has unleashed against Ukraine.

📌The Government of the Hellenic Republic has agreed to send a vehicle to Poland for the voluntary evacuation of Ukrainians, who were forced to flee from Russian aggression.

📌A plane with medicines, essentials, equipment, overalls and other essentials left Ukraine for the Canadian city of Edmond.

📌American actress of Ukrainian origin Mila Kunis and her husband Ashton Kutcher have already raised more than $ 20 million in humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

📌Armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine is accompanied by gross violations of norms and principles of international law, in particular international humanitarian law, war crimes and crimes against humanity, as well as human rights violations by the Russian army. One of such gross violations was the abduction of Melitopol Mayor Ivan Fedorov on 11 March. Russian troops, who have been launching missile and bomb attacks on civilian facilities and infrastructure in Ukraine for two weeks now, in particular on children’s hospitals and schools, are cynically accusing the mayor of “terrorism.”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba’s daily statements 

📌Constant fakes of Russian officials about invented biological weapons in Ukraine may indicate that Russia is preparing another terrible operation under someone else’s flag. Such statements by the Russian propaganda machine are a cause for concern.

📌The process of Ukraine’s accession to the EU has begun, Kuleba said during a telephone conversation.

“We expected that tonight during this summit it will be written that in accordance with Article 49 of the EU Treaty, they are accepting Ukraine’s application and will consider it under an accelerated procedure. This would be a clear, unambiguous signal from the leaders. I emphasize that today was an informal summit. This is not a decision of the European Union.

This is a place where a certain political ambition is established. We would like it to be more ambitious, but we need to assess everything in context. If we compared our expectations yesterday or today, we would want more. But what happened last night compared to what we had three weeks ago is a revolution that is in the best interests of Ukraine and is launching our EU membership process”, — said Dmytro Kuleba.